The total cost (explained below) of and IUI procedure, assuming you have no insurance and are paying everything out-of-pocket, and that everything is included, ranges from about $1200 to $2000. This is based on a survey of many couples who have recently undergone IUI. The picture below shows the range of IUI costs in 2012. The rest of this article breaks this cost down into its various parts.

As you can see from the above picture, the total costs may vary significantly depending on your Obstetricians (OB) or Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) practices, especially when it comes to the cost of ultra-sounds, medications and the number of appointments. For more specifics, keep reading.

IUI Cost 2012 Breakdown

Here is a typical breakdown of the total out-of-pocket IUI cost.

In the research we have done, it seems that there is no real standard for how much of these costs your insurance will cover. Also, you may want to keep in mind, that for each cycle of IUI you may need to go in to see your doctor or specialist several times, each incurring a co-pay cost. Furthermore, if your workplace has a religious affiliation, e.g., a Catholic hospital, your insurance may not cover infertility treatments at all. It is always best to contact you health insurance provider prior to treatments so you are sure of what the cost to you will be.

Cost of IUI Associated Medications

For each IUI cycle, your OB or RE will most likely recommend that the woman take a hormone therapy designed to increase the number of eggs produced, thus increasing the chances of a successful fertilization (while also increasing the chances of twins!). This medication is sometimes called the “trigger” as it helps trigger the release of multiple eggs. The cost of the trigger, and other associated medications can vary wildly and it may well be worth your while shopping around some, asking others, and doing some investigating within (or even outside of) your local area for some significant savings. E.g., some REs may charge several thousand dollars per cycle for IUI medications, which is on par with IVF medication costs.

“Clomid” or “Inject” IUI Cycles

In general there are two types of IUI cycles. The first uses the medication “Clomid” and is generally cheaper. This is associated with the $1200 total cost peak in the picture above. The “Inject” IUI cycles are more involved with take home medications that require injections. These are associated with more expensive $2000 peak in the cost statistics picture.

Please let us know in the comments below how much you’ve spend on IUI in 2012.